From The Floor

Quotes From Our Team

“I have been working at substation33 for about 9 months and have enjoyed all of my time here, everyone is very happy and helpful and I love doing what I do”

“I have been here since the beginning of this year and hope to continue doing so. Substation33 to me is the best place to work for not only for recycling electronics but its ability to help those with a disability. When I stated working for substation 33 I was very lazy, anti-social and self-conscious that was until I slowly got out of my shell. What I love about this place is the team work and the friendly atmosphere, it’s very welcoming to all. There is not one bad things about this place and there never will be any problems ever and I hope that will never change”

“I have been doing school based work experience at substation 33 for 2 months. I now have experience in a workplace and a reference. During that time I have noticed that I have had a happier home life because I am not at home all day, the substation community is both friendly and helpful. I find the work here both educational and rewarding and there is always something for me to work on”

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