Community Campaign Traineeship

Community Campaign Traineeship

Breaking into the job market is a tricky process to navigate, with employment requiring elevated levels of experience, appropriate opportunities are hard to come by. With funding from Skills in Queensland, Substation33 takes a forward-thinking attitude and graciously combines a traineeship with a certificate 1 in business. Aiming to offer experience and education while supporting its trainees financially gives the participants a suitable work/life balance.

The program is designed heavily around on the job training, following the community focus of substation33. Participants conduct a range of reception, administrative and customer relation duties which are reinforced by independent study. Progressing through the 6-month course sees a steep but manageable learning curve for participants. A combination of work and study is preferred by trainees; allowing the freedom to prioritise their work, study and home life effectively.

Most participants are returning to work after extended time off to raise their young children. This gap in employment history proved difficult when returning to work, especially with a substantial change in the technological climate. Trainees have learned vital computer literacy and administration skills through this program, which are easily transferred across the trainees’ previous employment and study experience. While getting participants into the workforce by providing a recent employment history, these blended experiences offer employers a diversified skill set.

For many of the participants the traineeship offers a flexible working and study experience in a supportive environment. Surrounded by a support system of managers and passed participants, they are always going beyond their compfort zone to develop a diverse range of skills.

While the traineeship offers great learning support there is also a big focus on networking during the six-month period. Developing connections with local businesses and bigger corporate entities, helps gain employment once the traineeship is finished.

Overall the trainee ship offers a hands-on environment for learning, while developing a professional network for participants to thrive in today’s employment market. If you are interested in hearing more about the trainee-ship, please contact us on 07 3826 1533 or