Substation33 on ABC News

This story about Substation33 featured on ABC News TV around Australia on the 17th February 2018. [Transcript] An e-waste recycling project is helping Brisbane’s long-term unemployed get back on their feet. The Logan hackerspace is teaching them how to turn old electronics into planet-saving devices….

Lunch time conversation

Another cracka event at Substation33 supported by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. This month we welcomed Clinton Shultz from Sobah Beers. Clinton shared with us his journey from his days on the ‘Silly Juice’ to running a successful non-alcoholic beer company. But more importantly offering…

Partnership Meeting

The first of many such events to come. We are building a group of like-minded organisations to help grow the knowledge advocacy and public awareness of the value that can come from volunteering and skill development with a particular tilt on electronic waste repurposing recycling…

Reflection Day

It’s great to take some time out from our busy schedule – processing 200,000 kilograms of electronic waste supporting over 600 volunteers to perform more than 50,000 hours of valuable work experience and preparation a year will do that – (keep you busy that is)….

Waste in Queensland

We are so impressed by the ‘Containers for Change’ program instigated in the past couple of months by the Queensland State Government and our results are impressive to date – We are watching with great interest as the Queensland state Government’s – Waste management and…


What a privilege it is to be partnering with this incredible organization. Every Tuesday for the past months we have accepted high quality local food that has been rescued and delivered to site from a 10 kilometer radius of Substation33. Within minutes the hundreds of…

2019 Startup Weekend

Well that’s a wrap 54 hours later the Logan Start Up Weekend is complete. Hosting like minded entrepreneurs to explore the world of start ups.. Thanks to Griffith Business School, Logan City Council and Innov8 Logan for supporting the local start up community. #swlogan2018 #TGSW…

Popup Learning 101

Ever Monday afternoon from 3.30 onwards we hold an informal learning session on a wide variety of electronic topics. You never know what will be covered could be basic electronics, understanding how an electric motor works or today the basic commentary of a desktop computer….