Get Involved- Corporate Partnerships

Substation33 aims to develop meaningful relationships with a variety of businesses. Developing a professional relationship with us can manifest in a wide array of scenarios from electronic waste audits and disposal to collaborating on technical projects.

E-Waste Collection

We collect a variety of electronic waste from Brisbane and surrounding areas at no cost to you. If your business has a surplus of electronic waste or you are looking to upgrade your equipment we would love to assist with your disposal process. Our disposal service is free and we use these electronic components in our commercial projects, diverting waste from landfill and helping our environment.


We have the ability to collaborate with an array of different projects. Substation33 realises that sharing resources and infrastructure can assist in the development of our communities and create opportunity where there wouldn't usually be any. We can develop and implement systems that help progress your business to a sustainable future.


Substation33 enjoys fostering a unique learning experience for multiple levels of education. We welcome the opportunity for research into the Substation33 experience and the benefits of a hands on learning environment. Aside from the social aspect of our enterprise there is a large technical component that can offer support for research projects, we currently collaborate with Griffith and Queensland Universities on the SEMAT.

For more information don't hesitate to email or call 07 3826 1533.