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Social media training

So good to have Katrina Blowers from #this_social_life run a workshop for our team today. A wonderful, INAUGURAL 🥳 #thissociallife workshop covering how to create a mindful and authentic digital footprint with insights from @jeffhornboxer @ariarnetitmus_ and @selenagomez

Reflection Day

It’s great to take some time out from our busy schedule – processing 200,000 kilograms of electronic waste supporting over 600 volunteers to perform more than 50,000 hours of valuable work experience and preparation a year will do that – (keep you busy that is)….

Waste in Queensland

We are so impressed by the ‘Containers for Change’ program instigated in the past couple of months by the Queensland State Government and our results are impressive to date – We are watching with great interest as the Queensland state Government’s – Waste management and…