Brisbane – Los Angeles – Denver – Uber to Boulder.

Quoted $80 for the shuttle or $47 from Uber with a personal guide – what a bargain.

What a day …. not much quality sleep but well worth it when you get to spend the afternoon strolling around this incredible city.

Snow on the street is a pleasant surprise for this Queenslander.

The main street is something to behold. None of the usual fast food candidates – just long-established small businesses doing their thing. Fresh food with high-value service.

My dinner choice is a testament to this under $10 from the largest provider in town. Fresh stir fry my choice of ingredients –

This bookshop takes up a whole city block and was packed with people reading listening and viewing a whole range topics coffee shop and fresh food deli – like a library on steroids.

They forecast snow tomorrow so I’ll keep you posted…