Now the real gig begins –

First stop –

Four levels of startup innovation. But the real deal for me was the education component. Six months of intense training for the student (Fees $21K). Students work at no charge on startups to develop mvp’s.

The students to employment stat’s are impressive sitting at 87%.

Great base of mentors from high end global companies.

They also have an awesome pet friendly work environment and on site cafe.

Stop 2 – Warts and all conversation about lessons learnt from that has since closed mainly due to the CEO moving on and no board direction. Interesting model students training by industry leaders and mentors. Interesting employments stats for students 97% within 3 months of starting. is the new venture of Arieann DeFazio a builders platform developing and shipping incredible builder project kits.

Stop 3 –

Helping entrepreneurs create a better future and solve more problems.

Prompt prompt prompt….start talking about the good things, about the positives and stop the tall poppy syndrome. Being humble is the key.

Stop 4 – Dinner –

Excellent meal and conversations.

Strange fact this restaurant is owned by Kimbal Musk …. yes thats right Elon’s brother who allegedly likes cowboy hats.