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In fact at Substation33 we say if it had a plug or battery attached we have a recycling solution.

Data Destruction

Digital storage media can contain critical information. At Substation33 we destroy data on every individual hard drive, tape drive, flash memory device and solid state storage media  All data destruction is performed to the highest military-grade standards in some cases physical destruction is also required.

Refurbishing and Reselling

We often receive IT gear that only needs a little TLC and some new parts. Once our people have given the gear an update we resell goods back to the public extending its usable life.

Electronic Innovation

We custom build electronic devices from recycled e-waste components.

  • Early warning flooded road signs

Yahoo News Video Early Warning Flooded Road Signs – Logan Council

  • 3D Printers for schools


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  1. Roz July 21, 2018 at 9:22 am

    I have some kitchen electrical items ie slow cooker, lge air fryer, steamer that I no longer need.

    Would your organisation be interested? If so I could drop off as I live at Slacks Creek.

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